Challenges For Information Ethics In The Emerging Digital

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Challenges for Information Ethics in the emerging Digital World

Dr.P.M.Shareef1 , S.S.Venkata Subramanian2
1 Department, University, China
2 IT Consultant, Riyadh


This paper provides an empirical approach related to the challenges for information ethics in the current digital era. Ethics is common all professions and organisations. The methodology and level of maintaining ethics varies between different organisation’s and professions. Corporations follow internal and external ethics. Internal ethics for handling the employees and external ethics for marketing, customer service and handling suppliers. In simple language ethics is moral science. But with bludgeoning competition between product manufacturers, service providers
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Ethics can be classified as personal, professional and corporate. Personal ethics deals with individual communication and information relating to individuals whereas professional ethics is about the values to be adhered by an individual who is in a particular profession. Corporate ethics refers to ethics adopted by organisations and this is again organisation specific.
We need to define the term information ethics. It means using information ethically. This again applies to both individuals and corporate. Individuals handle lot of information every day and there may be situations where the information needs to be passed on to another and it is created. In such instances, source of information needs to be acknowledged in order to adhere to ethical practices. In case of corporate where they enter into technology transfer agreement with their partner, it will be ethical to state the name of the partner who has shared their technology details. In this context a question arises as to what is meant by fair use of information. This is not a rigid zone and unless some statutory regulations are available it is the individual’s prerogative to decide the fair use of information. For example, presently all transactions are web enabled and a primary requirement of website is mandatory for allowing online transactions. Strictly looking at the word “fair-use”, all website should be unique. But in reality it may not be the case since the website
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