Challenges For Managers : Ethical Dilemmas Facing The Modern

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Challenges for Managers: Ethical Dilemmas Facing the Modern The target of this essay is to explain the challenges for managers in ethical dilemmas facing the modern in detail, particularly: organization, employee rights, sexual harassment, whistle-blowing, pay equally and social networking. Today in our society, we are confronted with ethical decisions every day that require our judgment. In business, ethics are coming to know what is right and wrong in the workplace and doing what is right. Ethics could range from a very simple problem to a very complicated one. Ethics is perhaps the most vital thing within a workplace environment. Ethics dictates how employees and employers must conduct themselves in and out of the work environment.…show more content…
Some managers build their reliance on their employees by testing them or giving them an evaluation of the employee’s decisions. Employees who act ethically should be rewarded for their behavior. Unethical acts should be punished. Ethical acts should be rewarded publicly while unethical acts should be dealt with privately. This encourages ethical behavior. Management should be able to maintain strong ethical standards in their organizations by assuring to all their employees to take ethical considerations when making decisions. Strong ethics are usually built over time in an organization. In chapter 4 of the book Ethics in Organizations and Leadership it states “The ethic of an organization refers to an organization’s attempt to define its mission and values, recognize the values that could cause tension, seek best solutions to these tensions, and manage the operations to maintain its values” (Butts 125). Sexual harassment Sexual harassment is any unwanted or unacceptable attention either by talking or by touching a person in a way they do not like. Sexual harassment can be physical and psychological. Sexual harassment could also include harassment based on the person’s sexual orientation or gender. It is a problem for many organizations. Employees do not always understand what type of behaviors are considered sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is unethical and illegal. Diana Wicks in the website Chron states the following, “The acts of one perpetrator of
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