B & IT School Virtualization Report

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A more proficient IT infrastructure is required as the use of more software increases the needs of powerful and faster PCs. One of the trends that can help this issue is Virtualization. This technology is described as the “abstraction” of the physical elements (such as network resources, operating system and storage) into virtual ones (Portnoy, 2012, p.2). Virtualization allows a physical machine to run several virtual machines (VM). B&IT School is a quite famous school of Sydney which is imaginary. Courses of Business and Information Technology have been offered for the last 10 years. This education institute has been recognized for the varieties of IT courses delivered with up-to-date infrastructure. Due to the high costs, the IT system has experienced delays in hardware and software upgrades. Most applications used on courses are running on local computers requiring good functioning computers. This creates challenges for students enrolled in Software Development because they cannot practice with newer technologies. Therefore, students have some difficulties in performing daily learning activities. After receiving several students’ complaints regarding poor desktops’ performance over the last year, the organization has decided to analyze the current system to provide suitable solutions. One of the solutions for the B&IT School is implementing a Virtualization technology. 1.2 Aims This report intends to develop a business proposal for the virtualization project

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