Challenges Implementing New Technology : Electronic Health Record

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Challenges Implementing New Technology
Electronic health record. Electronic health record (EHR) is an electronic storage where a patients’ personal health information that comprises of the patient’s present health situation as well as every other connected data associated with patient care. The data is preserved in a computer-readable layout that enables the establishment, application, storage, and retrieval of the patients’ health information (Hatton, 2012). The data are expected to be comprehensive, transmissible, and useful to both caregivers and the patient, morally and lawfully obligatory, and autonomous of fundamental computer systems (Wu, Jackson, & Hunt, 2010).
For more than 25 years, the US has practiced a speedy advancement of electronic health information technology in hospital and health care provider systems to expand access and quality for service recipients (Crilly et al., 2011). Different types of government , for example, state health departments have established health information exchanges over vast healthcare networks, insurance providers, and independent physician practices, and the use of electronic health records has greatly accelerated (Crilly et al., 2011). The US government dedicated to spend $10 billion per annum for the next five years to transition the US healthcare system to comprehensive implementation of standards-based electronic health information systems, including EHR (Wogan, 2012). EHR methods share data on patient characteristics,…
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