Challenges In Alice Walker's The Color Purple

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Oftentimes in life people go through challenges they must face. This is seen in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, which is a historical novel that takes place in Georgia during the Early 20th Century. In this text, Celie a young black girl who is abused as a child and married to a man transforms into a strong women after facing her challenges; Nelie, her sister who was also abused with Celie, ran away when Celie got married. Having no place to go she ends up with a man and his wife, Samuel and Corrine who are part of a group called missionaries, of American and African Missionary Society. Multiple characters face challenges and transform as a result.
For example, Miss Celie at a young age is affected by a challenge that she faces and transforms to get past her obstacle. As a child she gets raped by her father so she developed a fear of men. Celie winked at a boy in her church and gets beat by her father; she insist that she didn’t wink at him. She says, “I don’t even look at mens… I look at women, tho, cause I’m not scared of them”(5 Walker). Since Celie has negative experiences with men she is only used to the positive experience with her sister, so she chooses to neglect men. Even after stating this she still gets beat. Celie faces the challenge of having and Abusive father who doesn’t have respect for her. By not paying attention to what frightens her and stays where she is hloved which is with women, mainly her sister. This transformation is the result of the challenges she faced.
Similarly, Sofia, who is married to Harpo starts to feel that her marriage is starting to change she transforms so she can feel safe and happy. Harpo wants Sofia to listen and do as he says, but Sophia didn’t grow up to obey men; so they get into intense arguments and fights. When Sophia is talking to Miss Celie she says: “I don’t like to go to bed with him no more… Now I feels tired all the time. No Interest’(66 Walker). Sophia doesn’t find Interest in her marriage because of how Harpo treats her. The challenge she is facing is a husband doesn’t have respect for her and neglects the fact that Sophia is a strong willed woman. Because of this she lost her feelings for him so she separates herself from him giving her a space where
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