Challenges In Night By Elie Wiesel

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During the Holocaust they counted that 6 million Jews died.The Jews faced many difficulties, death being the main one. In the book Night by Elie Wiesel, he told his story of the difficulties he faced during the Holocaust. The Nazis were horrible to the Jews; they gave them little food, made them march many miles, worked them long hard hours, and when on the train they had little air. Because Elie Wiesel overcame his difficulties he faced during the Holocaust, I feel I can overcome my problems and live a wonderful life. many times during the book it talks about Wiesel’s problems. Elie’s first problem would be when he was in Buna, a concentration camp. This was a problem for Wiesel because he didn't have food, water, and at sometimes air. In the book Elie says “ At ten o’clock we were given our daily ration of bread” (Wiesel 34 ). This quote shows how that they only got bread once a day from their SS Officers, and that they didn't have food. Another problem Wiesel had is the loss of family. Elie got taken away from his mom and sister when they were deported on the train but got to stay with his father. Elie says “ I certainly do. But on one condition: I want to stay with my father” (Wiesel 35). With Elie being taken away from his mom and sister, he wanted to stay with his father through the whole thing. Wiesel’s father was his strength to stay alive. Elie had tough adversities he had to go through in his life and he was strong and overcame them. After Elie

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