Challenges Of A Perpetual Change

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Perpetual change is a constant challenge for leaders of today’s organizations. These changes are a combination of societal dynamics, market fluctuations, new technologies, and a variance in the availability of resources. How leaders and their organizations cope with the challenge of perpetual change is critical to success and, in some cases, to the future of the organization itself. Hughes, Ginnett and Curphy (2015) suggest that, “the best leaders are those who recognize the situational and follower factors inhibiting or facilitating change, paint a compelling vision of the future, and formulate and execute a plan that moves their vision from a dream to reality” (p. 560).
Today’s organizations require leaders that deliberately confront change and demonstrate high levels of agility in leading change under dynamic conditions. Team Book Cookers Consultancy analyzed the J. Robins Company, which is faced with significant challenges both external and internal to the organization. This paper will discuss change management strategies and provide recommendations that allow the J. Robins Company to achieve its potential as a company and prevail over their challenges.
Company Overview and Challenges
The J. Robins Company has been designing, manufacturing and distributing women’s footwear in Australia for over 100 years. For the past fifteen years, the company concentrated its manufacturing expertise on medium priced women 's fashion and casual footwear. Their products,…
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