Challenges Of Children Face When They Start School

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What are the challenges that children face when they start school? Transition from early childhood to middle childhood involves many milestones in a child’s life, but none quite as significant for both parent and child as when it is time to start fulltime school. Even when a child has been attending pre-school nursery, private nursery, a childminder, or nanny, it is still a major event in any parent and child’s relationship, and as such can cause a lot of anxiety for either or both child and parent. Research carried out by The Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY), found that over two-thirds of parents feel anxious over their child starting school, with half believing they are more anxious than their child. In…show more content…
It is suggested that advice, resources and tips should be made available to parents, nationwide from schools and authorities, pointing out that the already established collaboration and support in place between early year care providers and families could be built on in order to deliver information to families, a long time before that all important first day. Bayram. L, (2014) proposes that the resources and tips should be made available to all, in written form, and accessible across the internet, through school forums, and states, that they should be in line with EYFS framework, that all reception classes follow. Information should highlight the importance of positive parental interactions, and relationships with infants during early years, along with suggested activities, to encourage parent child dyadic. If parents feel supported and confident about the transition to full-time school, it will help them to ease any worries their child may have and allow them to focus on the key areas with their child to achieve school readiness. EYFS, (2014), identify three prime areas crucial for building a child’s capacity to learn from relationships and thrive, in addition to developing their
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