Challenges Of Children With Hiv

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Challenges of Children with HIV

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is widely recognized as a biological and medical problem for individuals that have this illness, but the psychosocial aspects of this disease also creates serious issues for these individuals. The population of American children and adolescents living with HIV face a range of psychosocial challenges which stem from a combination of biological, socioeconomical, psychological, and cultural factors. For younger children, some challenges are related to the parent’s status as HIV-positive, along with other parental factors that can also contribute to chronic problems. While medication is available to treat HIV and the subsequent disease that it causes, autoimmune deficiency
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However, HIV continues to impact youth between 13 to 24 disproportionately; around 39,000 people in this age group are living with HIV, and this age group constitutes some 21% of new cases, or around 3,000 per year (CDC, 2014). Unlike HIV incidence rates for the population as a whole, which have decreased over time, the incidence rates for youth over 13 have actually increased with time, in part because 60% of youth are not yet aware they are infected, as compared to 15% of adults with HIV (CDC, 2014). For any youth under 18, though, living with HIV involves a set of complex psychosocial challenges that can drastically impact treatment, health, and quality of life outcomes. The uniqueness and gravity of these issues, along with the size of the affected population, mean that the psychosocial aspects of HIV must be treated as critical considerations in disease management in this population.

Parental Factors

For infants and young children living with HIV, some of the most prominent psychosocial issues are related to parental factors, including factors in the medical, economic, and behavioral areas. The presence or absence of HIV infection in young children and infants born to a mother with HIV can have socioeconomic influences. Combination therapies involving antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy have been shown to
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