Challenges Of Fracking

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Brittany Boggan
Ms. Kain
AP Environmental Science A4
September 19 2016

1. Fracking is making fractured in the earth using high-pressure fluids to extract oil and gas. A benefit of fracking is that it lowers air pollution because fracking made natural gas which is better for the environment than coal. Some concerns involving fracking is that it involves a lot of water is used in the process and contamination of water.

2. Fracking illustrates some of the challenges we face in studying environmental science by not knowing the long term effects of fracking and not knowing if the natural gas outweighs the problems extraction causes.

3. Sunlight-abiotic, plants need sunlight to grow
Bacteria-biotic, bacteria can grow on a rock
Water Temperature-abiotic
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Resource depletion Decreasing but new technology has it increasing in some cases Increase So all humans can have all of the resources they need Relates to human population, there are too many humans overusing resources

10. Living sustainably means that we live in way that doesn't jeopardize future generation’s resources.

11. The people who settled in Easter Island overused the islands resource and that lead to the downfall of the Civilization. Ex.cut down all of the trees so erosion occurred and the loss of soil caused food production to decrease.

12. Water, you can use water sustainably by turning off the water when you brush your teeth; a way it can be used unsustainably is wasting water or polluting water.

13. Water, air, food, shelter, Wi-Fi, electricity, phone, computer, soap, clothes, internet.

14. An ecological foot print is a measure of how much land is needed to supply the goods and services that individual uses.

15. In a poorer country you may not have access to all the resources a developed country uses therefore a poorer countries ecological foot print would be
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Only on Fridays almost all of the fries a out in the cafeteria.
I would question why is the cafeteria almost always sold out on Fridays.
If I eat fries on a Wednesday, then the cafeteria won't be sold out of fries
Test your hypothesis
Collect data
Write a conclusion and tell if your hypothesis was correct

B. I see that there are fewer pill bugs in the grass at patriot park and more in the wooded areas
Why are there more bugs in the wooded area than the grassy area
If there are less bugs in the grassy and more in the wooded area, then the pill bugs prefer to be in a wooded area.
Collect data to see if hypothesis is correct

20. A reason that it is more difficult to study environmental science is because there is no part of Earth that has been untouched by humans and can be served as a control

21. Environmental justice means that everyone has the right to live in a healthy environment
You should care about it because not everyone has a healthy environment to live in or access to clean water.

22. An indicator San Francisco is using is telling them the environmental problems it has, because of this San Francisco has been getting energy from renewable resources; this improves the city by reducing pollutants and greenhouse
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