Challenges Of Global Project Management

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Global Project Management is one of the most important topics when dealing globalization of an organization. It is the most significant part when trying to accomplish a goal or build a strategy for a new product or service in a new region. There are many characteristics for Global Project Management. Some of those characteristics will lead to advanced achievements. Global Project management can be defined through a framework that will simplify all negative indicators and will help lead organizations to achieve maturity in the field. This framework can help global managers to focus on the advantages of international teams, presenting innovative solutions for collaboration over a distance, and addressing the challenges of cross-cultural and virtual communication. There are dimensions for global Management that will address the conflicting sectors of the field. These conflicting sectors are a significant challenge for global program and project teams which they are faced by. As we mentioned before that Global Project management has a framework that will guide the flow of the organization and help build teams. But first let’s start with the different types of projects which are traditional, distributed, international and virtual projects. The dimensions are the bases to which I will be evaluating the level of difficulty of the projects and help place some guidelines that will help projects managers resolve some issues they might face during these project times Traditional
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