Challenges Of Health And Wellness

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Initial Challenges to Health and Wellness Many people struggle with a minute gain of weight here and there but for me it was something different. Over the last year, I have gained fifteen pounds that I have not been able to lose. In my journey over the last year I have tried many methods to losing the weight that have not worked. I decided to focus on weight loss once again and give it one more go. Much of my weight gain in theory comes from overeating and not working out regularly. Growing up I was a three-sport athlete and it was easy for me to keep the weight off. I played volleyball, basketball, and softball all through high school. I then continued my volleyball career in college. Staying in shape in college was much easier because of the mandatory sessions for working out and staying in shape. After college, I was always active and played in a YMCA volleyball league for years along with playing on the sand courts when weather permitted. My life took a turn when I started to teach, I tried to eat healthy and workout but have found it hard to do those things with my schedule. When I was coaching and teaching, I had very little time for me. I had to be at work at 7am and did not leave until 6:30pm or even later on game days. Eating healthy has been an issue most of my adult life. I have found it hard eat healthy because of work hours and because of money. Teacher salary in North Carolina is ridiculous and it is hard to eat healthy when you cannot afford to by healthy

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