Challenges Of Implementing It Health Information Management

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Challenges of Implementing IT in Health Information Management Introduction Health information management (HIM) is a field that is involved in acquiring, analyzing, and protecting medical information that is essential for the provision of quality patient care. The data acquired includes patient’s medical history, health information, lab results, and any other medical information that is vital for the treatment of a person in a healthcare facility (Blumenthal). Through the course of a person’s life, one is likely to suffer from various ailments, and consequently, one is likely to be exposed to physicians in different hospitals. Therefore, a patient’s health information enables a doctor to quickly understand his/her background in order to…show more content…
Despite this fact, the implementation of information systems into the field of HIM has not been readily accepted. This paper seeks to discuss the challenges that healthcare departments face when implementing information systems in their health information management methods. Health Information Systems Health information systems (HIS) involves the shifting from a paper-based to a computer-based processing and storage of patient healthcare information (Haux). The shift is intended to promote efficient and cheaper healthcare for patients. Indeed, in 2009 the U.S government “allocated $19 billion to encourage the adoption of health information technology (HIT) and in particular electronic health records (EHRs)” (Blumenthal). 1 This move by the government shows its confidence or belief that information technology is key towards improving the quality of treatment that patients receive in America. The government went a step ahead and provided subsidies to physicians who utilize the EHRs to the tune of $2 million dollars (Blumenthal). On the other hand, the government also introduced a 1% penalty on Medicare fees on doctors who do not use the EHRs (Blumenthal). Patient information in many hospitals is mostly stored in a scattered fashion. In the wake of the recent global financial crisis, the government is keen on making healthcare cheaper, efficient, and accessible to the masses. In addition, most
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