Challenges Of Implementing It Health Information Management

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Challenges of Implementing IT in Health Information Management
Health information management (HIM) is a field that is involved in acquiring, analyzing, and protecting medical information that is essential for the provision of quality patient care. The data acquired includes patient’s medical history, health information, lab results, and any other medical information that is vital for the treatment of a person in a healthcare facility (Blumenthal). Through the course of a person’s life, one is likely to suffer from various ailments, and consequently, one is likely to be exposed to physicians in different hospitals. Therefore, a patient’s health information enables a doctor to quickly understand his/her background in order to administer the correct treatment. For example, if a patient in a critical condition is admitted to a hospital, a doctor will have to rely on their data in order to administer the right medication. Without proper records, there is a high possibility of prescribing a drug that the patient is allergic to leading to tragic consequences. Health information can be recorded in traditional paper-based methods or digital format. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. Confidentiality is one of the most important rights of any patient, and the traditional method is regarded as more secure as compared to storage of information in electronic systems. However, the main advantage of electronic systems is the convenience and speed at…
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