Challenges Of Maintaining Light Duty

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Purpose for this research This research was conducted to try and explore the challenges of maintaining light-duty policies that face police administrators, including the costs of overtime pay to cover injured officers’ shifts, the struggle to meet mandatory strengths minimums and most importantly, what every agency hates, malingering. These finding have important implications for officers well being, morale, departmental, administrative rule making, and community safety.

Literature Review The formalization of light duty police is legally complicated and mandated by several federal laws. Some of those laws being: Workers Compensation, Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), and American Disabilities Act (ADA). These laws will vary due to each situation: (a) some injuries obtained while in the line of duty, (b) and injuries or illness obtained off duty, and (c) pregnancy.

How the author gathered and analyzed data Semi-structured telephone interviews were conducted to explore police agencies light-duty policies and the frequency of use of light-duty assignments. Forty-five agencies were randomly accessed from the “crime in Illinois” report and stratified according to size to ensure agencies of varying sizes. Two agencies declined to participate, reducing the number to 43. Although the average number of sworn officers in the department was 42, there were large variations between departments ranging from 8-182 sworn officers. The interviews were conducted via telephone to
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