Challenges Of Management And Human Resources

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Challenges in Management and Human Resources The corporate culture of IKEA has a great influence on the company from the supplier to its customers. At IKEA, co-workers are expected to follow the principles set forth in the “Testament of a Furniture Dealer”, while managers are expected to be role models instead of dictators. IKEA’s corporate conduct establishes standards that follow a command that the IKEA business shall have an overall positive impact on people and the environment. IKEA motivation when it enters new markets is not to only make money, but also develop a relationship with its customers and employees to make a better future for many people. However, many of the company’s high corporate standards stop at the many of its global countries border due in part to cultural diversities. Cultural Diversity in Management Gretzinger stated, “While national companies just have to (re-)combine resources within a homogeneous organizational setting, multinationals are acting in a multicultural setting. Cooperation among the host-company and subsidiaries abroad needs common ground, especially respectively communication (p. 194). The goal of many business is to be diverse in the workplace; however, when a business expands globally they increase the communication filters and language barriers that impacts the business’ developments. Business have to keep in mind that what is acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in another. For example, IKEA’s management style is not
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