Challenges Of Managing Project Knowledge

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2.4.1 The Challenges of managing project knowledge in IT organizations Every project generates project knowledge that is new knowledge or existing knowledge. However, that project knowledge is not always fully captured, transferred, and disseminated during a project. Due to the nature of projects, this implies a short-term period, limited resources, and multiple procedures. It makes project participants adapt rapidly to new project contexts. There are two mainly obstacles for organizational learning. First, project members do not have enough time to participating in sharing and disseminating activities because the project team members are totally engaged with project tasks (Hanisch et al., 2009). Then, the replacement of key team …show more content…

There are two important strategies for managing project knowledge in IT organizations, which are personalization strategy and codification strategy. Both are crucial for implementing knowledge management successful (Al‐Hakim and Hassan, 2013). Personalization Strategy Gourova (2010) shows that this strategy is closely focused on connecting project participants and the direct communication of shared knowledge among project members. It is highly related to knowledge transfer that relates to people to people approach. The analytically and creative advice could be obtained through this strategy. Karsten (2013) states that tacit knowledge plays a significant role in this strategy. The goal is to encouraging project members to share an individual idea, knowledge and experience. Moreover, to stimulate creating of project knowledge within the organizational community. Codification Strategy Codification Strategy is described as extracting knowledge from employee and then store in knowledge databases. This database needs to be accessible in order to reuse that knowledge when similar problem takes place. This strategy is mainly related to explicit knowledge capturing (Al‐Hakim and Hassan, 2013). Focusing on collecting project knowledge through documenting standardized report and recording processes is concerned as the aim. This strategy seems as people to document approach that provides high quality

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