Challenges Of Recruitment And Selection Process

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Six challenges related to recruiting and selection. Recruitment is the process of searching for applicants for a job and after finding qualified candidates, encourage them to apply for positions within an organization. During the recruitment process, the job description should be outlined so that the job matches the expectations of the new employee (Flynn et al, 2015). Making sure that the expectations are aligned to the employee reduces the potential for turnovers (Flynn et al, 2015). Legal Issues In the recruiting process, it is very important to be cautious of legal issues to minimize legal issues that may occur. Health care HR departments must meet legal requirements when making job offers, checking references, posting jobs, and interviewing potential candidates (Go2HR, 2015). For example, when checking references it is important not to ask illegal questions during the recruitment process. Ethical and Moral Issues HR professionals are challenged with ethical issues in the recruiting and selection process. Some challenges include misleading advertisements, misleading requirements for a particular position, exposed to trying to find ways “around” not hiring a qualified candidate for discriminatory purposes according to supervisors, and not reviewing candidates based on merits (SHRM, 2012). When faced with these challenges HR professionals must learn how to be honest, consistent, and objective in the recruiting and selection process. Ethics play a vital role in the
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