Challenges Of The American Political System

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America is the strongest nation ever existed, but it can only remain strong by having the best possible political system and since it does not, this is the most serious challenge for my generation. The American electoral and political system are deeply flawed. Citizens United v. FEC defined political campaign contribution as “speech” covered in Amendment I of the U.S. Constitution. This enables unions, Super PACs, lobbying groups, etc. to have an unlimited influence over political candidates’ campaigns. Successful political candidates pay back their contributors by returning them favorable regulations and legislation. Under this system of patronage, the rich only get richer at the poor’s expense. Popular mandate ignored, Politicians become corrupt, workers become exploited, and the environment is…show more content…
Without this political problem solved, our generation is doomed, depleted of the basic apparatus to move up the social ladder, assisting only the richest. Please provide your response to your second selection here Monet's "Impression, Sunrise" depicts a fleeting moment of the sun rising above the busy port of Le Harve. When my art history teacher showed me the painting, I was actually not that impressed. "Everything is moving," I thought. But as time went on, I saw the painting more favorably. Last May, a friend of mine passed away in her sleep. I’d just spoken to her the day before, encouraging her to register for AP Calculus. I was speechless when told and started valuing fleeting moments more than ever before. Monet believed the same. He believed
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