Challenges Of The Business Environment Essay

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Challenges in the Business Environment As many know, Apple Inc. is a company, which is located in California, its headquarters, and is a multinational technology company. Apple Inc. designs, sells, and develops computer software, online services, and consumer electronics. Not embracing advancements in technology, unethical business practices and competition are all parts of challenges in the business environment (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). Apple’s supplier code of conduct is about making sure that their suppliers are accountable to the strict standards that are held by the company. In 1977, Apple Inc. was founded and as of today, the company has offered a variety of products on a continuous basis, which meets customers’ demands around the globe. This company not only sells and produces cellphones or computer software; they distribute around the world, consumer electronic products. Apple Inc. continues to increase the value of its shareholders and they continue to develop and or create new products. Apple Inc. is a company that is also a functioning business organization that is thriving in economies nationwide. Apple Inc. is a company that continues to be number one on the minds of all its customers, by keeping them happy and satisfied (Farfan, 2016).
Code of Conduct Changes Apple Inc. has made many changes to its Code of Conduct in recent years, those changes include changes in “labor and Human Rights, Environmental Impact, Ethics, and Health and Safety,” and in doing so,
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