Challenges The Client May Experience

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Challenges the client may experience

There are many challenges Tracy and his family may be experiencing. Tracy’s behavior may be an indication of the stress related to his parents influence on his academic activities and the strain his family has experienced causing his parents to contemplate divorce. Mental health counseling focuses on the “developmental, preventive, and educational, as well as traditional, aspects of treatment (Smith & Robinson, 2002); therefore, from a mental health counseling perspective, the challenges that may be impacting Tracy and his family include the parents not having the knowledge and ability to reduce stressors that are causing Tracy’s lower academic grades, as well him being withdrawn from his peers (Hall & Torres, 2002). Essentially, Tracy’s parents may not know how to get access to a mental health counselor for Tracy or how to secure a mental health counselor for the family unit. Another challenge possible facing Tracy’s parents includes a lack of understanding about how their influence on Tracy’s academics is negatively impacting his desire to choose to interact with his peers at school and participate in activities that interest him. They also appear to lack the ability to identify how stressors experienced in the family and between them may impact Tracy’s seeking out their parental approval, versus disapproval, and how to address assist him in cultivating his initiative to pursue his own interests.

Psychosocial Conflicts Present and
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