Challenges Throughout Their Transition Of Being Expected

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Transgenders face several challenges throughout their transition of being expected. MacNish & Gold-Peifer (2014) defined the term transgender as an umbrella term used to describe variations of gender identities derived from your expected birth gender and societies expectations of that gender.
Growing Up LGBT in America, stated that 26% of LGBT youth reported that the biggest problem that they face is not feeling accepted by their family, bullying and other school troubles, and the fear of being open and out about their sexuality. Twenty two percent of non-LGBT youth reported that their biggest problems are related to troubles in class with exams and grades. Currently there are no statistics accurate to the number of transgender and nonconforming youth, for several reasons (Institute of Medicine, 2011).
Lesbian, gay, and bisexual (“LGB”) youth may face major stressors related to their sexual orientation (Doty, 2010), but who focuses on the families, and the many trials when dealing with LGBT youth. During this research, the topic will be looked at by identifying the challenges of raising or living with a LGBT youth. These finding can be used to help eliminate stress on family, and better help support the child. The acceptance of transgender youth by parents and families is one of the biggest challenges thrown at society in recent times, that undermines the dignity and respect of the youth, that may be combated by creating family counseling groups, educating them on the

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