Challenges : Weaknesses And Strengths

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Challenges: Weaknesses and Strengths: The methodologies have some weaknesses within the acceptable limits and high forces, especially when we apply interviews and online surveys. One of the weaknesses of the quantitative methodologies is that the data collected is limited based on the acceleration of the new discoveries of the electronic which is the medium for virtual teams. Every new day, the new and improved means of communications come into existence, whereas the available data on the books and journal medicals or any other means are limited. In retrospect, surveys may not be a valuable means through which the researcher gets information unless the research investigates very thoroughly on the specimens he/she chooses. Interviews are also challenging, either the researcher may not have access to the right person due to the anticipated importance of the expert, or the cost may be unfordable and beyond the researcher limits. In my research, the possibility of concluding a study with a high percentage of acceptability is possible, though it may not be economically feasible. To have the full potentiality of the methodologies, a maximum number of methods that research used in the investigation are commanding. Whereas using any limited number of methods may not reveal the targeted percentage of acceptability, hence fail to achieve the objective satisfactorily. The richness and density of data remain a guarantee of the success of any innovative research such as the virtual
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