Challenges With Educational Programs Essay

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Investigate challenges with educational programs for employees in healthcare In healthcare the priority is not only the care and treatment of patients - it is adhering to policy, procedure and workflow processes to ensure the privacy, security and confidentiality of individuals goes beyond care in every capacity. The content of information is sensitive and is the providers and other healthcare workers responsibility to safeguard the information they receive and used to determine diagnosis, treatment plans. Patients want to feel comfortable and trusting with their information especially in the electronic world and how their information is being handled. Privacy- in health information is the core foundation of protecting patients’ medical…show more content…
If the alert detects issues from outside the organization it will require a full investigation and changes to immediately take effect to protect patients information. Confidentiality- privacy is a privilege that’s protected by law and legislative action. It is a constitutional right to safeguard patients’ personal information. This further protects information discussed between physician and patient as well as other disciplines involved in a patients’ care. The confidentiality will not allow release of information to be disclosed without authorization from the patient or legal guardian. Policy and procedures are in place to prohibit the release of sensitive information to unauthorized parties. Issues related to privacy and security laws regulations- Current HIPAA laws and regulations have not completely addressed the state and government laws, this leaves conflicts for those attempting to conform to them. Nonhealthcare entities that send, transmit and receive health information are limited and do not offer the same level of protection. HIM experts, whose capacity it is to ensure protection and confidentiality and look after security, are looked with a contention between upholding administrative consistency and meeting high expectation standards with the privacy assurances that cross over state limits. Not having mandated regulations implemented will under mind the need for government laws that exceeds all others, with the goal
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