Challenges and Obstacles That Teachers Face

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Teacher obstacles 1. Introduction The society of today changes at a past pace and it comes to impact all aspects of life, including education. Some of the challenges which are raised at the level of education include an increasingly diversified classroom, as a result of globalization, an increasing level of technologization among educational institutions or the migration of employment opportunities from the manufacturing and agriculture sectors to the services sector, generating as such the need to form knowledge employees. In such a setting, the job of the teachers becomes more and more complex and these are presented with several challenges, which can nevertheless be overcome. The nature of these challenges is multifaceted, some being linked to external forces, whereas others being more intrinsic to the educational domain, the classroom context and the teacher. In Education psychology: windows on classrooms, Paul Eggen and Don Kauchak (2008) focus on creating situations which support the learning skills of the future teachers, now the students. It provides important input on the situations they could encounter as teachers and its primary advantage over other similar texts is that it combines theory and practice. In other words, Education psychology: windows on classrooms helps students to better understand the theory they have learnt within a more real life context. One notable issue with which the book deals is represented by the challenges faced by teachers

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