Challenges for Building Stable Democracies Essay

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Challenges for Building Stable Democracies

It has been stated that the Bush administration’s goal is to have America spread democracy around the world. This may sound radical, but it is really just what our foreign policy has been for the past 60 or so years. The only difference is that now there is no evil communist empire, the USSR has fallen. America has a new ideological enemy the theocracies and oppressive regimes around the world especially Africa and the Middle East, the places that breed terrorists. The Bush administration and most people feel that the best way to stop Terrorism is to wipe out its source. However, in building democracies in the Middle East and other parts in the world there are some extreme difficulties in
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One thing any democratic state needs to do when they are setting up another new democratic state is they must make sure that the new government is seen as legitimate by the people in it. And the democracy is pretty much doomed if the people despise it. The easiest way not to have the government despised is proposed in Machiavelli’s The Prince. In it he states “It makes him hated above all things, as I have said, to be rapacious, and to be a violator of the property and women of his subjects, from both of which he must abstain. And when neither their property nor honour is touched, the majority of men live content, and he has only to contend with the ambition of a few, whom he can curb with ease in many ways.” (Machiavelli unknown page) As long as these two things are insured for the people then most rational men will not rebel.
Getting the government to represent the people is really the hardest part of setting up a new government. Because it has to represent the vast majority of the people, say at least 90% but it also has to be able to get things done fast. Many people think a parliamentary government with many parties like the one in France would answer this problem; the only problem is that because there are so many parties, every cabinet is a coalition of parties that can easily fall apart and can usually get only limited things done. Any new government needs to
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