Challenges in Achieving Integration in Organization

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Subject: Discuss the main problems an organisation can encounter in achieving integration. Are there successful alternatives to integration? Use examples from your own company or one you know well. I see the term organization is another word of integration, which means integration is most important criteria of an organization. Integrate means “to bring people together harmoniously into a single community”(Oxford, 2007. p357). Various Management gurus have realized and expressed the importance of integration in an organization in different ways as this is most challenging culture in an organization. Like according to Lawrence and Lorch [23, p.1], integration is defined as “the quality or state of collaborations that exists among…show more content…
However, proper reporting to the higher management, and various workshops among corporate office and zonal office help for coordination and integration. Innovation For dynamic and innovative companies Innovation is a great deal among creative specialists and how their work can be organized to promote more effective innovation of products and processes. This challenge breaks down into two potentially conflicting integration requirements, relating to the invention and implementation stages of the innovation process. The lack of coordination among innovative division personnel may land up duplicating each other. Therefore, proper reporting to higher management up to CEO by the every divisional head help for coordination and integration. Concurrent development In case of competitive product development phase the practice of executing linked development activities in parallel rather than in sequence need high integration among the team for avoiding repeat work. During engineering phase of a project work, various discipline are involved in designing the product. Individual engineers can now wait for the outcome of the other discipline engineers to finish their work and getting very correct information due to tight schedule of the project. Coordination among thghtly interdependent and parallel tasks forces parallel team to share prelimirery information about work in progress. The coordination of complementary
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