Challenges in Managing Organizational Changes

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Challenges faced when managing change

The making of changes within an organization in a planned, systematic, and managed fashion is referred to as managing change. The main aim of managing change is to effectively implement new systems or methods in the organization. Managing change involves managing the employees and managing the impact of change on employees. To ensure an organization keeps up with changing times, it is important for the organization to change.
Employee resistance
The greatest challenge that leaders face when managing change is the employees' reaction and resistance ADDIN EN.CITE Bevan2011179(Bevan, 2011)17917917Bevan, R.Keeping Change on TrackThe Journal for Quality and ParticipationThe Journal for Quality and Participation3412011( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_2" o "Bevan, 2011 #179" Bevan, 2011). In any organization, there are three kinds of employees, the sheep, resistors, and change champions. The most difficult people to manage are the resistors. These employees worry so much about how the change will impact them negatively. They see the change will expose them to the top management and will be seen as not been valuable within the organization. As a leader, the best way to deal with resistors is to let them know that change will happen progressively, and all employees will be involved ADDIN EN.CITE Luecke2003180(Luecke, 2003)1801806Luecke, R.Managing Change and Transition2003Boston, MA 02163Harvard Business School
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