Challenges in The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain by Langston Hughes

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He is directly confronting the implicit wariness of social stratification in that he dismisses the societal need for humans to conform and to adopt personalities and views for themselves that are significantly molded by the outside world. Langston Hughes is saying that humans, no matter their circumstance or origin, have the capacity and the duty to act according to their unique inclinations and perceptions. It is the differences in the world that empower and stimulate change and innovation, and African Americans should not feel that they are excluded from the power to inspire change with their individuality solely because of their different skin color. The situation should be, according to Langston Hughes, quite the opposite. Those who are dedicated to the written word, specifically poets, traditionally have not been constrained by what society will think of their writings; they write for themselves and for the purpose of assisting others in being able to understand—that is, if they wish to open themselves to understand—how they, the writers, feel and see the world, and how they are unique. I feel that Langston Hughes is saying that African American people are unwilling to continue enduring the torment, ridicule, and injustice imposed on them by those who continue to grip their notions of…
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