Challenges in the Business Environment

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Question one
African art has a dynamic and a cultural heritage and is one of the most important resources in the country. It generates economic as well as social benefits for the country. African art includes objects such as mask, textiles, basketry. Figure sculptures etc. However there are a number of problems that the African craft market
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If there isn’t enough capital, this will result in minimal products for purchase and less profit. There is also an on-going challenge which affects many, how to gain direct access to the markets as entrepreneurs have to travel hundreds of kilometres to sell their products which incurs high transport cost and often keeps them away from their families. (south African craft report, 1998) There is also no set venue or location, for example a wire artist selling his products on the roadside. This may change in time, demand or according to season. There is also lack of resources (grass, wood, clay etc.) as many metal work and beaded products require natural or recycled items and there may be a lack of access to them. Product finishing is a challenge as some may not have the correct skills of how to add finishing touches as to make the product of good quality and raise the standards of their produce so that it may last longer. (south African craft report, 1998)
Opportunities in the African Craft Market
As mentioned above there are many challenges hindering entrepreneurs on a daily basis yet at the same time there are equal number of opportunities to take advantage of which will long term benefit the business. There is a huge variety of cultures in our country because of our diverse nation which contributes greatly to a strong foundation upon which the hands made good are inspired by. There is also presence of other markets which support and
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