Challenges of American-Indians in the United States Health System

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Cover Letter Challenges of American Indians in the United States Health System The difficulty encountered was on the attempt to harmonize the various figures and facts like years to a coherent essay without moving back and forth with the figures hence mixing up the reader. It was interesting to learn new facts about the American Indians and the services that I would otherwise assume are common with people. The driving force behind the choice of this topic is that I have heard on several occasions that this minority group among others struggled with the health care hence wanted to discover the reasons behind it. The U.S. Health care system has undergone many changes and adjustments meant to provide quality health care to all Americans with the latest adjustments put in place with the coming of President Obama. The Obama health care plan is aimed at ensuring that all Americans, regardless of the race and economic status are privy to adequate health care that is affordable and within their reach. This would come as an absolute relief to the American Indians as well as the Alaska Native who have been suffering alienation from the health care from historical years. Background It is because of this historical injustice meted against the American Indians over the historic development of this nation that there have been various legislations targeted toward ensuring the American Indians too get the adequate medical care. One most significant and helpful legislation
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