Challenges of College Essay

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After graduating high school, no one prepares you for college. Most kids when they are finished with high school don’t even fantasize about going back to school. I have always wanted to go to college ever since I was a young kid. I also had dreams of myself going to college, but in my dreams, everything was picture perfect. In reality, college has been very challenging for me. No one tells you about the adjustments and complications that you would have to face to become a successful college student. One of my obstacles that I have been faced with is not having any extra time to hang out with my best friends. All my friends think I am neglecting them. They think I don’t care about them anymore. I care about my friends a lot, I am used to …show more content…
My relationship has suffered because we don’t spend enough time together. My partner thinks we are growing apart, which isn’t true at all. I have given out so much support over the years, I ask myself, why cant I get anyone to give me the support and encouragement that I need. Even with my personal problems, I also have had to make other adjustments in my life. We all know college is very expensive, so money is very limited. I was never really good with money until I started going back to school. I am used to shopping and going out to eat everyday. When the time came for me to cut back on my spending, it was like someone stabbed a knife through my heart. It not like I can’t go shopping anymore, it just means I just can’t buy the high-priced, premium items now. For example, I’m used to buying Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. The only way I am saving money is by just staying away from those three stores. In just two months I have saved lots of money. Another alteration I had to make was stop going out and partying. Ever since I turned twenty-one, I have partied almost every other day. I love the nightlife! I love being with my close friends, drinking and dancing. It so much fun until you wake up the next morning and realize you have class and a bad hangover. In college, I have come to realize that you can’t go to class with a hangover because you will not learn anything. All you will keep saying in your head is, “when is this class going to end”. To
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