Challenges of Developing Interactive User Manuals

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What are some techniques for developing effective, interactive, and visual web-based user manuals? What are the benefits and challenges of developing interactive user manuals? The best techniques for developing effective, interactive and visual Web-based applications have evolved from the relatively simple approaches that assumed one type of documentation worked for everyone to a much more role- and interest-based approach. Initial Web-based manuals were often built on a single, common taxonomy used for managing all available information in a single application or database (Moghdam, 1975). As user manuals progressed the shift to process- and workflow-based documentation began based on the assumption every person reading the manual had comparable needs (Darling, 1980). The initial efforts at integrating more advanced intelligence and knowledge into manuals began to also foster the development of more attempts at interactivity and the nascent approaches to role-based access (Barker, 1990). It's important to understand these points in the development of effective, interactive visual web-based user manuals to appreciate current techniques and the benefits and challenges of producing them. The current best practices in terms of producing interactive web-based documentation today center on programming languages specifically tailored to the Web and its highly interactive nature (Scott, Cong, 2010). The development of HTML5-based, highly interactive documentation is now far
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