Challenges of E-Banking in India

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Thesis-D Topic: The challenges of Legal and technical infrastructure of e-banking in India. Abstract Electronic banking has been successfully adopted by developed countries and has been fully embraced by all the stakeholders active in the process. But developing countries are still lagging behind to fully embrace the benefits of e-banking. This paper explores Technical and legal factors impacting e-banking adoption in India. The research framework consists of two dimensions; technology and legal; to guide and constrain the scope of study. The findings are based on literature study of models and implementation experience of e-banking in India. The purpose of this study is to offer insights into the current e-banking adoption…show more content…
These models will be explored in Two dimensions; technological and legal. The extend of ICT infrastructure influence in each of these dimensions will be further studied. Furthermore, conflict between the existing laws in India and evidence relating to banking contracts and available legislations in India will be given paramount consideration .Impact of the information technology act,2000electronic banking contracts are also matter of concern and the present legal issues in e-taxing will also be discussed. A structured methodology will be adopted to understand customer’s perceptions and intention behind using internet technology and legal consequences. The motive behind this method is to gauge the extend of concurrence to customer expectations from the present system. Such a top down approach leads to the factors that hinder the full utilization of the system and thereby the dimensions of the affectivity can be extracted. [5] Results The literature review was done by referring to studies and documentations on the implementation of electronic banking in various banks in India by various universities, and independent consultants. The focus of research question is what are the technical and legal drivers and barriers for adopting electronic banking system in India? This paper initially discusses about the existing electronic banking models; and looks at
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