Challenges of Genre for EFL Teachers

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Challenges of Genre for EFL teachers In teaching English as Foreign Language (EFL), teachers face a number of challenges when the pedagogy is changed to EFL method. One of the questions is how can teachers know what genre the students need to learn? This is because based on researches, genre are dependent on the discourse community. Therefore, how to explain which genre to teach by school teacher to the students? So, this has become a problem/challenge for EFL teachers to teach genre as researchers from New Rhetoric Studies argue that genre cannot be taught. They point out that genres are so changeable and so context-dependent that it makes no sense to teach them outside of that particular context. (Millar, 2011) Moreover, a basic set of general school genre has been introduced to counter that teaching genre is as important as other subject matter to the students where they can apply it in many ways. According to (Hyland, 2003) narration, recounting, argumentation, report and description are included in these school of genre. In this approach the claim “is that if students can control and produce a few decontextualized ‘genres’ such as ‘exposition’, ‘discussion’, and ‘historical recount’, they can produce texts in the genres of a culture” (Johns, 2008) Despite that, this type of approach may not teach students enough about how to employ and adapt these patterns to different contexts. More longitudinal studies will be needed to see if learning this core set of text patterns
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