Challenges of International Relations

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Lesson 1 Several questions should be answered in regards to international relations first. Are states obsolete? For almost four hundred years, the territorial state has been the primary player in world politics. To achieve state sovereignty has been the main goal of most nationalistic separatist movements. In some points of view, the territorial state is in very good health. It is still needed to provide military security, give people identity, raise taxes, and provide for the needy. Although, as global trends put pressure on nations for the transformation of politics, states become vulnerable because they may not be able to cope with the needs that the global trends demand. There is much debate on whether globalization is a cure or a…show more content…
For example, the European Union has built its own independent “Eurocorps” military force instead of having to rely on alliances with other small nations. The United States has developed a similar approach from the Bush Doctrine which basically keeps the U.S. military’s strength beyond the reach of any other country in the world. Another strategy to respond to multipolarity is a cooperative agreement between global powers to manage the global system jointly in order to prevent global issues from escalating to war. In conclusion, all of the issues stated as challenges to international relations are important to the future of relations between countries big and small. Polarization is going to be the toughest to avoid because as countries such as the United States, China, Japan, and Russia get more powerful, smaller actors are going to want to join forces with one of these superpowers. As a result of smaller actors allying themselves with larger actors, there will become an array of competing coalitions economically. In order for this to be managed safely, there must be rules and regulations to dampen the impact of globalization. This globalization may force the United States to give up its #1 status and have to cooperate with many great superpowers. This is a position that the United States is not used to being in. This will cause the U.S. to manage several relationships that it cannot hide from but
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