Challenges of New Graduate Nurses: Transition to Practice

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Challenges of New Graduate Nurses: Transition to Practice

Job retention rates amongst newly graduate nurses tend to fluctuate widely. These fluctuations have many possible and combined explanations including orientation quality, level of confidence, residency programs, pay rates, mentoring programs, management support, and countless views of job satisfaction. My concept will focus on transition to practice success of new graduate nurses in relationship to their organization’s orientation process, job satisfaction, and the effects of job retention rates.
Identifying these challenges are significant noting that low retention rates are costly for health care facilities as well as for the economy. According to Gemberling, Tretter-Long,
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2012). These extended programs help to develop strong connections with workplace colleagues and support job satisfaction. Some of the cons of implementing a residency program include costs. However, turnover rates are often more costly. Dyess and Sherman (2009) explains in their journal The First Year of Practice: New Graduate Nurses Transition and Learning Needs, even though newly graduated nurses have achieved licensure to perform their job duties, many lack the clinical skills and critical thinking needed to provide safe patient care (Dyess & Sherman, 2009). In order to prepare for the influx of new nurses, The National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s (NCSBN) ideas led to a grant-supported Novice Nurse Leadership Institute (NNLI), a transition program used for researching and improving the transition of new nurses into practice. This model includes several significant novice nursing skill topics such as self-knowledge, leadership, procedural skill and ease, effective communication, clinical judgment, professionalism, knowledge of the health care environment, cultural diversity and sensitivity, safe practice, business skills, caring for self, and many others (Dyess & Sherman, 2009). The NNLI model uses research regarding graduate nurses’ first year in practice and information gathered in feedback forms as well as focus group meetings from not only new graduate
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