Challenges of Realism

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In the realistic perspective, the scholars believe that it is a matter about self-interest. Lord Salisbury's remark that "the only bond of union that endures" among nations is "the absence of all clashing interests." Conflicts of interests and beliefs can break up a country, such as the past of Germany. The blindly pursuit of power may lead to some unforeseeable consequences, such as wars or terrorism. Realism often meets some challenges especially in the issue of September 11 and the end of cold war. In the following essay, it is divided into three major parts. Firstly, I will illustrate the background information of realism in international relationship. Secondly, I will talk about the situation of September 11 and the end of cold war separately. At last, I discuss the reason of September 11 gives a greater challenge in realist perspective. Realists thinking emphasize the idea of pursuing the state’s power and interests that are one-sided. The state’s security is rooted from the state’s interest. However, the international politics are about norms, institutions and laws. Some decision makers make some excuses in order to invade the other weaker countries. The realist thinking can easily let the state leaders to make a wrong decision, such as attacking the others for powers and resources. Beside, the realism believes that the states are the major actors in the world. The strongest power can influence the other countries. The collapse of the Berlin Wall was
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