Challenges of Teaching Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

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Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD, P. 1 Running Head: CHALLENGES OF TEACHING STUDENTS WITH EBD Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD By Paula Hill Grand Canyon University SPE 558 Characteristics of Emotional Disabilities and Strategies to Teach Individuals with EBD Karen Moeller, Instructor May 9, 2012 Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD, P. 2 Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD There are many challenges presented to the education system in teaching students with EBD. Many of these challenges are related to the interpretation of the definition of EBD itself. This paper will address the many challenges of teaching students with EBD including a discussion of the definitions presented to the Federal…show more content…
They may not be targeted for service because of being quiet. Unfortunately, when these students exhibit external behaviors, the behaviors are often extreme in nature and self- directed. Another great challenge in educating students with EBD is actually teaching them effectively. This can be due to the amount of time that goes into behavior management. Reading deficiencies are found to be prevalent in children with EBD (Coleman & Vaughn, 2000). This will of course affect every other subject to be learned in school. Other areas affected in students with EBD are attendance, school avoidance, their school dropout rate, and grade retention. Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD, P. 6 Other education strategies that must be addressed to ensure optimal education outcomes are regular advanced planning and preparation, increasing task engagement, practicing the elements of direct instruction, teaching learning skills, teaching social skills, altering teaching behavior as needed, increasing active student responding, peer tutoring and teaching behavior replacement skills. There is certainly a myriad of challenges in teaching students with EBD. I believe that the greatest challenge is to deliver overall quality educations to all students, the confusion of ambiguous definitions of the disability, the interpretation of the classification systems and potential of misdiagnoses, the difficulty
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