Challenges to Change in an Organization

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Running Head: Change Change Change It has been observed that people usually came across different types of changes in their life. These changes may occur in the occupational or personal life. But, almost ninety five percent of people feel resistance to these changes. In addition to this, people always want to follow their daily routine and feel satisfied by practicing their routine habits. Many researchers are still working to find out the actual reason for this resistance and some has find out that there are a number of internal and external factors due to which individuals feel resistance to change (Kotter, 1996). Perceptions, attitude, fear of change in status, behavior, beliefs and misconception about an idea are some of the internal factors. On the other hand, the external factors are absence of role model, environmental resistance, lack of resources etc. The description of these factors is as follows: Wrong perceptions One of the main reasons of resistance to change is the wrong perception about the concept on which the change is based. For instance, people have certain perceptions about cultures of different countries and thus face difficulty in adopting these cultures if they are asked to do so. Before accepting a change, it is essential that people should make positive perceptions about that change otherwise if change is enforced on a person it usually ends up in a short period with a conflict. I had a perception that working late at night is good rather
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