Challenges to Implementing Policies in the Workplace

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Challenges to Implementing New Policies in the Workplace with regards to Social Media Introduction There are many benefits that social media has brought and continues to bring to the corporate world but there are also many drawbacks that organizations face due to the risks from its use. I believe that it can be proactively managed for organizations to protect its reputation while providing its employees with the proper tools to manage their own personal and business manners with regards to social media. The intent of this report is to demonstrate the challenges to implementing new policies in the workplace with regards to social media. Policies Policies are principles, rules, regulations, guidelines, and/or laws that are adopted…show more content…
When does an action become part of the implementation of a policy and when does the implementation turn into developing policy? If you are a new business starting out, there is a variety of software available to purchase, the software includes templates, outlines and other specifics required for developing a policy and procedure manual. Many are reasonably inexpensive, with several available for download from the Internet. When thinking about creating or introducing new policies in the workplace, organizations must research, analyze, and consult to produce recommendations. Some challenges to introducing new policies in existing organizations are: * Writing policies and procedures clearly and concisely; A quality policy should be both informative and direct, meaning that the information is not equivocal, and it goes straight to the point. It should not create confusion. * Keeping it brief, accurate, and easy to understand: the readers of the policy should not only understand the meaning of the policy, but also understand the tone and the underlying
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