Challenges with Freedom of Speech

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Freedom of Speech and Information: Challenges with Freedom of Speech: The right to freedom of speech was adopted following the long history of suppression of ideas that were considered harmful by people. These suppressions also threatened democracy since they presented numerous difficulties for people to debate essential issues like war and peace. Consequently, a free speech movement emerged that eventually led to the protection of the right for people to express all ideas or the freedom of speech. Notably the right to freedom of speech has few slight exceptions though it was adopted to enable people to freely express ideas. While it's one of the most appreciated rights, freedom of speech has continued to face several challenges in the recent past. Some of the major challenges to freedom of speech include new technological and social issues or concerns, the Internet, and government legislations such as the Patriot Act. Additionally, the other challenge with this concept is the need to limit its extreme forms such as hate speech in order to protect other human rights ("Freedom of Expression", n.d.). The need to limit technologies that provide unprecedented opportunities for freedom of speech is other challenge. This challenge arises because authorities need to restrict the spread of illegal content and harmful information. Challenges with Freedom of Information: Even though there are remarkable efforts towards the adoption of freedom of information laws across the
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