Challenging Behaviors in Young Children and Their Functions Essay

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Challenging Behaviors in Young Children and Their Functions Anastasia Sims ECE201: Intro to Early Childhood Behavior Management (ACP1116B) June 22, 2011 Introduction There are many reasons why young children have challenging behaviors. These reasons, or functions, for behaviors are serving a purpose for that child. It is our job as educators to figure out what those functions are so they can be prevented or managed, in the case of disruptive or dangerous behaviors, or reinforced and encouraged, in the case of those positive behaviors we would like to see flourish. The way to do this is to determine the function of a behavior, implement an individual behavioral support plan, be consistent with it, and maintain…show more content…
Peers of course are another group of people that come in contact with a child a good portion of the time, as well as child care and school. Poverty, and the conditions that surround it, and exposure to violence in society, are also two very big factors. If you do not have money you can not get proper nutrition, and without proper nutrition your development is suppressed. In the end though, if children have the proper support system in place to help them deal with their challenging behavior then all of those risk factors are less important. In fact researchers have decided we should focus on protective factors instead. They discovered an ability called “resilience and found that it is associated with a series of protective factors that counter the impact of the risk factors in a child’s life.” (Kaiser, Sklar-Rasminsky, p.43) You can never know exactly why behaviors exist but you can definitely have a plan in place to help curb them. The Behaviors The three behaviors I will be focusing on are ones that I have seen on a daily basis in my 12 years experience working with young children. They are hitting, eloping, otherwise known as running away or escaping, and fussing or crying. Hitting is considered challenging because it is an aggressive act that hurts someone else. Its one thing to hit yourself, but hitting someone else should not be tolerated. When a

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