Challenging Disaster Administration : Toward Community Based Disaster Resilience

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The scope of this paper is “Challenging Disaster Administration: Toward Community-Based Disaster Resilience” article by Liza Ireni-Saban published in 2012.
In the past, disaster management was an area of undeveloped process from a community level. In fact, disaster’s consequences go beyond losing lives and properties damages. Therefore, the article illustrated different models of managing disaster process of a community based level and provide some guidelines that would help to diverse the consequences on families and communities life, health and stress toward any emergency or risk. (Ireni, 2012). The previous studies focused on governments and public administrators’ drawbacks on the policies of disaster management, these barriers could prevent effected member of a community to improve their lifestyle of the understanding of disaster management. Ireni’s article focused on the resilience approach to community-based disaster management, which highlighted the needs to build a community’s capacities effectively and equitably to deal with disasters by targeting on the communities’ connection with each other, the exchange of understanding, and the common interests to gain control over their environment (Ireni, 2012). The Community-based disaster management resilience model took a central role in media coverage as the Japanese community resilience. The media has a major effect on citizens to learn about disasters, so the growing concern on this problem increased which affected

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