Challenging Inequity: . I Saw A Great Establishment Of

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Challenging Inequity: I saw a great establishment of classroom community, ethics and equity during my recent practicum experience with years three and four. The school regulations and policies concerning equity were established in the classroom and reinforced from the very start. These rules and regulations established were visually accessible within the classroom for all students and were reiterated orally throughout the day. Regulations around equity also engendered expectations for/of teachers. The expectations placed on teachers were of a high standard to assure that all students were receiving the very best learning experience possible in a tailored and targeted way, for their individual learning and achievement. Equity establishment…show more content…
Providing contexts for learning where the language, identity and culture of Māori learners and their whānau is affirmed” (p.2), one of which alludes to the existence of equity reform and progression. Likewise, teachers can expand on this key competency, and cater a wide range of substantial contexts for all learners of various cultural backgrounds and diversities, to affirm the motion of equity within the classroom and across the different curriculum areas. It is safe to say that my experience provided me with the insight of equity promotion, rather than the motion of challenging inequity Creating a learning focused, respectful and supportive classroom environment: During my practicum experience, I saw my Associate Teacher establish a really good classroom culture and environment, that gave students a sense of belonging and acceptance. This Environment that my Associate Teacher created, allowed students to freely connect with and engage in their learning through discussion and written language, which provided them with a sense of safety and positivity needed in order to set them up for success (MOE, 2007). Students entered the classroom every morning with confidence and ease, knowing that they were in an environment where learning was key, and the equity of respect and support for others played just as important roles too. The conduct in classrooms as well as school rules and
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