Challenging with Effective Group Communication

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Introduction Communication is a factor which controls and motivates people to do their job efficiently. It offers a platform to release emotional feelings, which is challenging when communicating by use of mails and other forms of communication. There are many communication barriers when dealing with effective communication in departments of a company such as auditing. Work schedules are a contributing element in creating communication barriers. Many groups in different departments experience real crisis. Group members schedule often ranges from few hours shift to a whole day shift. Splitting the group can help the groups working late to meet with group members working early to discuss, what is required to help the auditing office to work efficiently. Scheduling a convenient time is essential for both groups to evaluate how individual groups are determined to enhance communication with the entire group. Lack of technological skills has been a challenge for group communications (Hirokawa, & Poole 1986). This necessitates some training, manuals and classes to help group member's deal with technological insufficiency. An employee can get hurt if they have a feeling a group has a negative perception of them. The situation can result to a barrier the employee and the group, which stresses the need to deal with disagreement that leads to pointless barriers. There are many techniques that can assist in overcoming the barriers and improve group communication. Offering
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