Champions in Information Systems Implementations

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This report details their roles in the organisation during the stages of implementation process, and how a top-level manager such as a project manager can manage these champions; supported by evidence from other scholarly materials.
Through the use of search engines provided from journal databases, a variety of sources are used to further describe and explain the concepts involved in this report. A. Chakrabarti’s ‘The Role of Champion in Product Innovation’ provides a solid understanding on the responsibilities of a project champion during each stage of IS implementation, with cases to exemplify real world situations in organisations. It also provides a very detailed description of the qualities that every project champion ought to have. These qualities are also reinforced in ‘Finding a Change Champion’ by A. Kirsch, and also how to remedy some common situations that might occur during projects such as inadequate preparation or over-reliance on vendors. Next, Howell and Shea provides an extremely comprehensive resource that shows the correlation between team performance and champion behaviour in their article ‘Effects of Champion Behaviour, Team Potency, and External Communication Activities on Predicting Team Performance’. This supplements the previous articles mentioned on the qualities needed…
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