Chance The Rapper 's Music

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Chance the Rapper, an increasingly famous Chicago musician, performed an incredible expression of creativity through his innovative use of lighting, tonal flexibility, and impressive video visualization of his music, all in addition to his unmistakable visible joy and exuberant energy. Furthermore, Chance’s fascinating ability to invigorate what seemed to be the entire crowd, by creating remarkably unique aesthetics and spectacles, shows his exceptional talent. Each song performed appeared to as though every individual note and tonal deviation was completely intentional to evoke a certain feeling or emotion, moreover, the precise synchronization of audio and visual effects created a unique thrilling atmosphere. Predominantly, the crowd’s impression of Chance the Rapper’s use of visuals and originative use of electronics was unmistakably well received, the crowd displayed an incredible presentation of excitement and displaying of a passionate plethora of voices singing along during the entire concert.

Distinctively, Chance the Rapper’s music has created a revitalized rendition of gospel music, deeply influenced by his newfound devout practice of Christianity. His third and most recent mixtape, “Coloring Book,” is a drastic departure from his first two mixtapes, “10 Day,” and his breakout release, “Acid Rap” while the first two mixtapes depicted carefree lifestyles and psychedelically inspired songs, “Coloring Book,” was a heavily gospel influenced and was primarily about

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