Chanda's Wars: A Narrative Fiction Essay

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Grandma of Chanda told her the story when the rebels came to Tiro and attacked the city. They shouted and did things to adults. Soly and Iris were sleeping inside when the rebels came while others were sitting outside thinking if Chanda comes home safely. The Rebels found Iris and Soly in the back room and ordered them to be bound together. Grandpa thought they were the guest come for Chanda’s mom wedding. Granny begged them if she can go with them, but they dragged them away. They also killed Auntie Lizbet and attacked a number of families in the village. The rebels came to the city to kidnap any child, so they can use them as child soldiers; this was Mandiki’s job. After martyring Auntie Lizbet the group of children with Mandiki
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She believed it was her fault that she let them stayed home without her. If she didn’t none of these problems occurred, none of this tragedy had happened. This is true, she came to Tiro because she thought Soly and Iris can live happy. Besides, her friend Esther and Mrs. Tafa convinced her to go to Tiro so, she can end the family feud, but she never wanted to due to the reason, after what they did to her Mom. At the end, she compromised, forgot what happened and went to Tiro only for the sake of her family. In Tiro, Chanda’s had many complications for example she had to listen to conversation against her mom. Also, they want her to marry with their cousin. Importantly her brother and sister were separated from her. Who can listen to discussion talking against their mom? Chanda loved her mom and she couldn’t hear anything negative about her mother. As a result, she decided to go back home to Bonang though in the middle civil war arise which let her stopped there. After coming to Tiro, it only caused her problems and there was no one to help her. If she blames someone who should she blame, but blame herself? If Soly and Iris were kidnapped who’s fault was it? People would say it was her she was the one didn’t take them with her since she knew her grandma and her Auties and Uncles were at home, so they can take care of her siblings. Did her cousins take care of them? If so, why they were not able to save two children’s. This tells that it is only Chanda who
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