Chanel Fragrance Essay

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Chanel Fragrance Ad My advertisement for the Chanel fragrance from the Chance series called Eau Tendre uses a naked woman with pink flowers wrapped around her body, a huge pink bottle. The ad says, “IT’S YOUR CHANCE. EMBRACE IT.” to persuade women to buy this product because it will make you feel confident and comfortable. The ad for the Chanel fragrance from the Chance series called Eau Tendre, stands out to many women who enjoy wearing a fine fragrances. This ad also stands out to woman of all ages because it was published in the magazine, Glamour, which is a women’s ad. Many women buy fragrances such as this popular name brand perfume. The ad could also stand out for many men who want to buy a fine fragrance for a spouse or family…show more content…
The Chanel fragrance ad shows from Maslow’s Hierarchy, esteem needs and self-actualization needs. By esteem needs a person would buy this fragrance to show status because Chanel is an expensive name brand. It also shows for self-actualization need because it makes one feel comfortable around people with a pleasant smell. It can also give a level of confidence by being able to wear this fragrance. From Jib Fowls’ appeals, the fragrance shows a need for prominence because people admire when one smells good by letting them know and asking what type of fragrance one is wearing. It also shows for the need of attention because people may ask what kind of fragrance one is wearing and complement them. One may complement on the fragrance having a beautiful smell. The naked women with flowers wrapped around her body shows an aesthetic need because of her natural beauty. It also has a natural beauty because of the pink flowers that are wrapped around her body. There is also a need for autonomy because by wearing this fragrance one can be singled out because of its natural but fresh smell. A need to satisfy curiosity is also part of this ad because by looking at the ad would make one want to see if it smells as good as the ad makes it look. I began wearing perfume as a child. My grandmother would spray perfume on me because she wanted me to smell like a lady. I am accustomed to

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