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The First Change Analysis Paper: Images Change Analysis Done By: Melissa J. Love Keller University, 2010 Professor: Robin Goins Change Analysis: Images Six Images of managing change consist of change manager as Director, change manager as Navigator, change manager as Caretaker, change manager as Coach, change manager as Interpreter, and change manager as Nurturer. In my organization and change within it in the context of different images of change is a factor within the organization. I would like to add that my previous company has experienced changes whether it is monthly and/or weekly. The question under discussion lies in imagining me being present at the senior managers meeting and explaining to them the…show more content…
When I consider the response to the request from the senior managers to explain the reasons and circumstances of our acquisition, I think of talking as the coach – this image of managing change imposes upon me the most. I have to admit that I am not the senior manager; I have only one employee accountable to me. But, as many other employees who experience change have their own fears and concerns about their positions and future work within the new frame of our company’s existence and operation. Thus, I feel the need for being a coach, not a director for my team. We need a small percentage of being a director however the coach aspect will be majority. Instead of dictating behaviors and activities I would rather explain to my team certain skills, values and activities which are necessary in the new environment and situation. For me, it is much more comfortable to be not a superintendent or supervisor but rather an equal colleague and friend who still being the manager will be able to help my team understand and get used to the change. Here the theory of Organizational Development or OD theory helps me to deal with my co-workers. And, as far as it is known that there does not exist pure management image, I have to admit that the image of interpreter is also close to me for interpreter is supposed to translate the entire organization’s needs and aspirations to

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